Teaching Methodologies and Syllabi

Dr. Lutz (first on left) and environmental history students outside of the Princeton Art Museum in 2019. 

Teaching Methods

Teaching is fundamentally about relationships and connecting with students.  My teaching methodologies focus on student centered learning including social, active, and constructivist approaches. This means lectures often take a back seat to activities that allow students to explore their own capabilities, often including activities think, pair, share, and mingles but also gallery walks, small group work, presentations, self-reflection responses, and other types of student-centered work.

If you are interested in teaching at a independent high school, take a look at my article "How to get a high school teaching job" on Environmental History Now.

Past and Current Courses:

Advanced Placement United States History

Advanced Placement Government and Politics

United States History ( Honors & CP level)

Environmental History

English IV

Law and Legal Systems

Click the links below to see a selection of my past syllabi. 

Environmental History - HighSchool - 2018-2019

US1 Survey - College - Fall 2017

US2  Survey - College - Spring 2017

Demo Online Lesson - American Culture in the 1950s

This demo lesson is a 16-minute outline of a 40-minute synchronous online class. This could easily be adapted to an in-person or asynchronous format. Students are expected to be familiar with the Google Educational Suite to perform the learning tasks associated with this lesson.